Welcome to The Refuge!

Who are we? 

A San Francisco based theater company dedicated to making theater that is exceptional and telling stories that are essential. 

What do we do?



Why do we do it?



What makes us different?

Living up to its name, The Refuge provides a safe-haven for exciting new art and artists to thrive.  We welcome crazy ideas, unusual people, late and long hours, seemingly unreachable deadlines, and risky narratives. Art thrives on these things, on the very essence of what we are.


Founded by

Daniel Shaindlin 

Véro Plamondon

Quincy Shaindlin


A Word from Artistic Director, Daniel Shaindlin

"When I first thought of The Refuge, I imagined a well-funded theater staffed by brilliant people performing masterpieces of Musical Theater. I hoped for the most talented performers in the country, primarily college students, that resided in the small elite group of the most gifted and special “Broadway Bound” class of talent. I saw The Refuge renting theaters in San Francisco and playing to excited crowds of theater lovers. I hoped that jaws would drop, emotions would explode and people would leave the theater feeling that they’d seen something special. When founding members Véro Plamondon and Quincy Shaindlin came on board, all of the above happened. All of it. The three of us have done the work of 10. However, to grow, we need to expand, both our staff and our vision. So we pulled the plug on our 2019 production to regroup and, most importantly, to find a performance space we can call home."


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